SF ChronicleにRavenswoodのJoel Petersonの詳しい記事が出ています(ポドキャストもあり)。Zinファンは読むべし。
""Joe told me not to make Pinot Noir," Peterson says. "I'm a Europhile, and I believed that older vines planted in the right location make the great wines. The only grape that filled the bill in California in 1976 was Zinfandel. The vines were old. They were dry-farmed, and they had to be planted in the right places to be dry-farmed. Cabernet was expensive, and I wasn't a rich guy. It was better for me to be a tiny fish in a small pond.""

RAVENS TO RICHES / Ravenswood founder Joel Peterson could retire wealthy -- but he still loves making wine

で,一つ興味深いくだりがPetersonが師事していたJoseph SwanがPinotを作らないように勧めたという話。いろんなことがあるものです。